Actually opening 4V video on Lume Pad

Hi, I’ve aquired some orbital drone video and converted it on the Mac OS Lightfield Studio app.

Next I copied the converted file to Google Drive and downloaded it to /Movies on the LumePad.

The Leia player app on the LumePad does not recognise the converted video and will not allow me to open/play it. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @nick.russill,

It’s possible that when you uploaded the file to Google Drive it was compressed or modified in some way.

There are a couple of things you should ensure:

  1. Is it in MP4 or other LeiaPlayer compatible format? If not what format is it?
  2. Does it play on the original computer it was converted on? If yes, can you see four distinct images?
  3. Is the filename appended with _2x2.mp4?

Let us know about the above and we can see what the next steps are.

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Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. It is .mov format
  2. Yes it plays ok in VLC (Mac)
  3. The filename does have the _2x2 ending, however, it is .mov rather than .mp4

If the requirement is .mp4 then why does the Lightfield Studio input/output .mov?

I have also just uploaded two Google drive links to the Leia creator facility.

Many thanks,


Here is one of the files