Batch more than one 2D to 3D conversion?


I did my first conversion. Nice.
Now, I was wondering if there is a batch conversion so that I don’t have to sit and wait to do the next one, but just set it up before going to work and have my computer do a bunch before I get home? I know I’ll probably have to group my videos according to FPS; that’s okay.

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I should stop being an idiot and read the manual. xD Hehehehehe
Sorry! Just click on the drop-down/three-line-thingy next to the Browse button and drag and drop over.

Sorry for wasting your time, everyone, and devs!

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You can open / run multiple instances of Lightfield Studio (just double-click the program icon again). This will slow the conversion of course, but it’s great if you want to set different framerates / FPS.

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