Beta Release: 3DS & Virtual Boy Emulator Support for LumePad & RED Hydrogen One

Thanks so much for working on this!

I have tried the latest versions of both apps on the RH1, now with some skull candy earbuds and a proper Android controller. Here’s some feedback.

On Citrus: The only 3DS game I can actually get it to load is Ocarina of Time and even that only works intermittently. Every other 3DS game just shows a black screen: it doesn’t build the shaders or anything: it just shows a black screen. Am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate feedback on that.

On VirtualBoy: It works, except for some issues:

  1. It continues to show the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen during gameplay when it should be full screen or just have blackness where it is not showing the game.

  2. The screen dims during gameplay instead of staying at full brightness. I think this may be a power saving measure? But it needs to stay at full brightness to see the game!

  3. Performance isn’t great: it’s just on the very edge of playable and some games that require precise timing run but I wouldn’t consider them playable. This may not be something you can do anything about but it’s an issue.

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thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it.

i have been experiencing the black screen issue with citra as well. i guess i broke something with my last build. ill take a look at that. i thought it was an issue on my device only cause i was testing out a different fork of citra which overwrote some files. but maybe its unrelated

for citra ive had best luck with less demanding games like 3d classics: kirbys adventure
but even some of the 3d classics and sonic games sadly dont make it past their main menus

ill look into the vvb issues as well :slight_smile:

ill post back here next time i have an update :slight_smile:

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Hey @BenMcLean,

Thanks again for the feedback! :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a new release of VVB v2021-10-02 which addresses some of the issues you mentioned.

I’m still looking into potential performance bottlenecks.

I think there’s some optimization that could be done regarding the on-screen controls that may be interfering. When I use a Bluetooth controller such as an Xbox controller, or my new GameSir X2 (h/t Nima) I notice that I get much more playable speeds.

I also intend to add an FPS monitor.

I’m curious, what games are you seeing slowdowns on? I mainly play WarioLand, but I’m happy to debug/test others.

If you get a chance to try it out, please let me know what you think!

I’ll be looking into Citra as soon as I can, tho i will say, I was enjoying New Super Mario Bros 2 (30fps-ish) recently on the existing build, so I guess YMMV depending on the game


@jakedowns , I Took a Second Look in the 3ds Emu, Looks awesome, but Performance isn’t all that great atm because of the General state of 3ds Emulation. Could You take a Look into adding the Leia Display Option to a fork of dolphin mmj? Runs pretty good, even in Hydrogen one.

Can already tell this new build is better even though I haven’t got to try it with the Bluetooth controller yet

Hi @jakedowns ,

I confess that I have not tried your software (sadly, I’m not a gamer), but I have a question for you. From your work, can you tell how difficult it would be to write an app that simply changes the Lume Pad display from 2D to 3D (either ST or 4V)? I think that might allow the Lume Pad to be used as a 2nd monitor for a Windows PC (or maybe a Mac, too). Any simple remote app, even something like Team Viewer or RDP, should be able to get pixels onto the Lume Pad; the missing piece is how to turn on the light-field. Does that make sense?


@David_in_VA there is unfortunately no global switch to go from ST to 4V, only 2D to 4V. ST (which enthusiasts like, but most users dont) repeats the left and right image, and has to be implemented per app

there is a generic 3D mode switch that you can use by installing a web helper app provided by Leia as part of their webgl api, then visit a specific URL to trigger it. (you could bookmark it as a homescreen tile) from there you could in theory connect to a remote desktop app and view it in ST/4V depending on the app.

however, the way most remote desktop (msft, google) works, there would probably be some scaling going on, not to mention compression of the signal, both of which could render the view uncomfortable or downright unusable.

Leia does also have a remote app for connecting to Unity which (when i can get it to work) works pretty well for remotely previewing ST/4V content rendered on another device. you can even interact with the touchscreen altho it is delayed a bit

ive been told Leia is working on a more official generic approach to mirroring, but i have no idea where it is on their list of priorities

you could probably hack something together piping video into unity and back over to the lume pad. or maybe even using my fork of Jellyfin / MPV Player to stream content from OBS. but i have not tested either of those.




Thank you very much for answering my question. I’ve thought about getting into Android programming, but haven’t made the jump yet. Perhaps this will give me the push I need.

In the meantime, I really hope that Leia will provide an app to enable this 2nd monitor functionality, so they can compete with the new lenticular tablets that have it.