Contradiction in Docs?

So I see what maybe a contradiction in the documentation. Lightfield Studio docs seem to say they want SBS video but the C4d docs say Anaglyph is the correct render setting?! As I mentioned elsewhere SBS yields little 3d while Anaglyph seems to lead to 1/2 of the frame being cut off (but fine 3d)?

What specifically are you trying to do?

I’m not an expert on Cinema4D, and I don’t know what settings our docs ask you to use to get the ideal output for Lume Pad, but Lightfield Studio generally accepts 2D, SBS 3D, and orbital video for input, and outputs a Quad Lightfield format.

I would expect the output of Cinema4D renders is also Quad Lightfield based on what I’ve seen other users do.

Can you share with us what you’re doing and a link to the part of the docs that are confusing?

Thank you Nima. I am trying to get a stereo render from C4d…It will render in both Anaglygh and SBS…the docs for C4d say Anaglyph Two Step Rendering Setup: Part II - Developer Docs and the docs for Lightfield Studio says this:

…notice it specifies SBS. When I use SBS I get a fully result from LF studio but the 3d is not much but with anaglygh I get 3d but 1/2 size. The wildcard here is taking the render from C4d and producing the video for LF studio. Hope this makes sense.