Convert C4D video SBS with Lightfield Studio


I’ve exported a Side-By-Side video from cinema 4D.
Then I’ve converted it threw Lightfield Studio Stereo Content Conversion.
But the final video have some glitch.
You can find the original :
And the converted one :

Video informations :
MP4 H264
24 FPS


Converter is not perfect, so that distortions are usual. Note that this is the best depth conversor I have seen until now, including the google AI some people are excited about, google AI produces a lot more glitches like that


Thanks for your reply !

I’ve seen a lot of other demos videos in the lumepad (probably converted with the same tool), and I can’t see any glitch on their.
My point was more about how to prevent this to happen.
Did I made some mistake during the SBS export, or the video format is not good, or maybe the graphic style of my video is not suitable ?

If you look quietly you will notice the glitches are on the first and fourth images, and the top-right and bottom-left images are the original SBS, when you’re looking screen at center you will see image without glitches because these images are the original, and if you move you get the other “calculated” views. This is an explanation not totally accurate, but I think you will understand.

I don’t think you did anything wrong, sometimes you will get better results or not, depending of each scene. Also it depends how do you look at the screen as explained.

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Hi folks – look on the LeiaLoft tools page for a Cinema 4D tutorial on native 4V rendering !