Crash After Depth Estimation

Having trouble processing a specific piece of video. The app will operate properly through “Depth Estimation,” but crashes when it gets to “Assembling Views” – doesn’t even begin that process.

Video runs approx four minutes. I’ve tried processing it at 1080p and 720p and am getting the same results. Other videos seem to process okay.

Anybody have a work-around for this?


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Update: The issue appears to be that I was putting the videos through several processes – including upscaling to 1080p and running through an enhancement AI – before using LS, and for some reason LS doesn’t like that. When I run the unmodified video through LS, it works fine. Which means LS has to be the first step in the process, with all the other sweetening applied after the 2x2 file is created. Not the way I would prefer to do it, but it doesn’t seem there’s much difference in the final product, so fine.

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Okay, scratch the above. Turns out what I thought was the solution didn’t acutally work – the app would crash even if I processed footage direct without any intervening processing.

Turns out – and after days spent tweaking every parameter I could think of, this is embarrassing – that the problem isn’t with the data but with either the file or folder names. Best I can tell, if the name is too long, the program will crash when it tries to start writing to the final file. I’ve tested by running footage through both Premiere and Topaz AI Enhance, and then keeping both the file and folder names short, and it worked fine. My guess is that the problem is actually with the file name, not the folder, but if you run into the crashing problem, try keeping the names short and not inserting too many folder levels.

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