Determine optimal viewing distance mathematically?

I suspect that this is possible, but it may require things I don’t know (such as the angle between adjacent light rays and maybe a ray’s width).

Given an IPD, is it possible to determine the optimal viewing distance to reduce/prevent crosstalk? My IPD is a big above average at 65 mm, so I’m thinking that the optimal distance is a bit further for me to prevent one eye from getting clipped by an adjacent view.

Is it mathematically computable? And, if so, does it make a difference? Would knowing such a value likely make the 3D experience of the Lume Pad any better? (“For my friend John’s particular eye distance, he should hold it a bit closer for the best effect.” kind of statements.)

Andreas Altmann (of ANAvision) addresses this subject in a YouTube video, with some numbers and diagrams. Here is a link:


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By the way, another interesting fact that I came across recently after I made this video is that depth increases with viewing distance when analysing mathematically. Once I knew this, I consciously observed this also. However, the effect is somewhat cancelled because when you are further away, you naturally also perceive less depth purely due to distance even if depth is actually greater.