Does LS require admin privileges to install?

I found a way to use Lightfield Studio without need to buy a Mac. This cloud solution allows to install programs that doesn’t require admin privileges/permission to install (there are more advanced plans that allows to, but it becomes more expensive):

Acording to the information on this link…
Will I be able to install and use Lightfield Studio without admin privileges?

I suspect @lichen would probably know the answers, to all things relating to renting a Mac Server.
(Just in case it’s any different to installing on a regular Apple Computer.).

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While i don’t have all the answers & i’m still getting up to speed on current MacOS, i can confirm that Lightfield Studio is delivered as a disk image containing the app bundle, which doesn’t require admin privileges.
My hosted server is through & i’m pleased - i could have done more comparison shopping but i like that they have upgrades available by component. i went with a dedicated virtual host with admin access, partly for Terminal including h4vapp from @arthur :wink:


It’s a virtual app?? Would it run on App-v for windows then? Or does it need a full virtual server to run? I have Windows sandbox which is a virtual Windows 10 Sandboxed off from the actual OS - so it might be worth trying?

Is a remote physical Mac you can access via Remote Desktop

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the app is a regular app.
the Mac i’m using is a MacOS virtual machine, running on Mac hardware. Physical machines are also available from & others, but i went with a virtual dedicated server for admin access, RDP, & other upgrades.

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Oh, I see. So it still would require the Mac OS to run, but not necessarily on a Server OS. So unless there is a way to get an actual VM image of the OS (free copy) not much I can do

Then today I learnt about the ill fated Mac server, I didn’t even know Mac had a server Operating System. I had heard of Apple talk (Networking protocols) but it died a long time ago.