File does not save after conversion

Hey there,
I Intalled MacOS on my Windows 10 PC with VMware Workstation 15 just to use the LightField Studio Software.

Everything on MacOs works perfectls.
-> I downloaded LightField Studio trial version (thats the only version I found)
-> I opened the file I want to convert
-> I set the output path to a folder on the desktop and changed the name (with the _2x2 at the end
-> checking if the output format is .h4v -> Yes it is
-> I click on start in the middle
-> It loads the conversion
-> It converts the file frame by frame
-> At the end, a notification at the top right pops up saying something like, “conversion complete!”
But there is no converted file to find in the library and the Software goes back to the beginning where you can click on start the conversion.

Any ideas? I installed MacOS just for this program :confused:

output format is set to .mp4 not .h4v. My bad, thought h4v stood there at the end

sometimes the software sets the end of the ouput file name not to _2x2 but to _out
Still not working :confused: :sweat:

@DennisM what kind of videos are you converting(resolution, frame rate, length) and what are the specs of your Mac?

For additional help please reach out to and we’ll see what we can do.

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Hello @DennisM - just following up with @Nima’s question here, we can help you better with more data about the content which resulted in such a behavior.