How to do SBS 3D still photo conversion

Is there a way in Lightfield Studio to convert a SBS 3D photos (from Aiptek 3D camera) to view on the Lume Pad? If not, is there another tool or method to do this?

Maybe you can convert the SBS image to video. Showing the SBS image during 5 seconds or so.
Another way is to make a 3D video from 3D photos with PhotoStory (at least old versions can do nice animations with 3D photos)

Hey @hdemby,

Lightfield Studio is for video only for now.

You can natively view SBS 3D photos on Lume Pad simply by appending “_2x1” to the end of the filename, no conversion needed. For example: 3Dphoto_2x1.jpg



Hi Nima,
I’ve always added “name_full_2x1.jpg” to view 3d SBS pics. What’s the difference between that and “name_2x1”?

Hey @adamlopez,

Because the vast majority of photos and videos are full width, we changed the behavior of Leia Player to automatically assume content is full width unless tagged otherwise.

Thus, “_full_2x1.jpg” and “_2x1.jpg” are exactly the same, and we recommend you simply use the latter.

If your content is half width, however, you must tag it “_half_2x1.jpg”.


Thanks Nima :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: makes things a lot easier when changing pic names on the RH1 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well @adamlopez, we’ve heard the feedback loud and clear that it’s a hassle to change the file names of traditional 3D content, so there will be some updates in the next couple versions of LeiaPlayer that I know you’ll REALLY like!