How to improve performance of Lightfield Studio on macOS?

I’m giving Lightfield Studio a try to convert my 3D Blu-ray movies into 4V format for the Lume Pad. (I want to try a direct comparison between stereo movies direct from the Blu-ray discs in ST, directly-ripped movies played in 4V, and ripped movies processed through Lightfield Studio and played in 4V.

So far, Lightfield Studio is going very slowly, mostly as I expected based on comments made by Nima in a YouTube video. However, what I also notice is that it seems to be running in a single thread. According to Activity Monitor, since launching the app last night at 8:03PM, it has accumulated 13:46:15 in CPU time. That’s during a period of 18 wall hours.

(Other apps that are known to be multithreaded do show CPU utilization that is >100% (out of a maximum of 400%). Lightfield Studio is consistently using <10%.)

I just wanted to ensure that it is behaving as expected. If it is, then it’s fine, but I will ask whether the app supports multiple instances running on the same machine so I can parallelize my conversion efforts.

Hey @Marc,

Since Lightfield Studio is still in Beta, the initial releases were optimized for maximum compatibility and stability instead of performance.

I’m happy to let you know that the upcoming version should greatly enhance performance for most tools on most systems.

If you’d like to do a simple visual comparison, I recommend taking a 60 second slice of interesting parts of the video and use that to compare.

Otherwise, we can promise the performance of the app will continue to improve noticeably as we continue to make updates throughout 2021.


I look forward to seeing the improvements!

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