Leiaplayer doesn't play sbs video correcttly

As i watch videos on my phone also,
I have sbs video’s on it.
Leia player doesn’t show video correctly,
As in red player it needed to be 2x1.mp4 at the 3’d of the name.
Now Leia Players pinches my video horizontal,
When I rename it 2x2 in the back of name, video gets fucked up, not even possible to view it as it looks like 2 videos running over each other.


Screenshots only show the pinched version, when taking screenshot of the video over video it gives a quad view,bit doesn’t show what I mean, and last screenshot is in 2d from Red Player, video plays normal.

Can this be fixed? Or is there a solution for?

Found the problem :

Reverted back to 2.13 version from 2.14
And sbs video is back to normal.
So version 2.14 breaks sbs video playing on rh1 and Lumepad.


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And here photo back on 2.13 version where it is back to normal

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Hi @Chillerfpv,

Thank you for your feedback. We believe that your SBS video is not showing properly due to a recent change we made to differentiate half and full width 2x1 files. Player now assumes that full 2x1 as the default type of file and half 2x1 requires “_half_2x1” at the end of the filename to display properly. For example:



Recent change?
2.13 and before it worked just fine.
2.14 videos are fucked up.
That’s meaning something is different in last update from today, not recently.

And to keep simple SBS video’s working, what else do we need to add in name of video?
Or is Leia going to remove SBS support in some time also ? Then i whant my money back of Lumepad and i send it back. Most 3d format is still SBS in this world !!!

And what is the purpose of half and full width ?
Every film i watch or have is full screen, not half screen, not squished that is not watchable.
So what bullshit is this about?

Hey @Chillerfpv,

When it comes to Lightfield video, we have broadly have two supported formats right now: SBS and Quad.

Quad really only comes in one format (because we are the only ones using it), and that’s a full width 2x2.

As I’m sure you may have seen, there are a variety of other stereoscopic 3D formats. SBS is just one of them. There are also two other popular methods of encoding 3D information on legacy devices like 3D TVs, and those include options like TB (Top-Bottom) and Frame-packed.

SBS is of course the most popular. There are two major kinds of SBS: Full-width and Half-width. Of course, Half-width was designed for particular 3D TVs in which using Full-width would actually REDUCE your usable resolution, and Half-width was the best method to get the most out of the pixels on your display.

Full-width is of course by far the most popular method. In the past, RED Player and LeiaPlayer would guess whether the content was Full-width or Half-width based on it’s resolution. This would sometimes cause problems for some Full-width content that’s accidentally thought to be Half-width (like some Portrait orientation content) and vice versa.

The new version of LeiaPlayer corrects this, and instead all content is assumed to be Full-width, and in the rare cases it’s not, the user has to change the naming scheme to add “half” to the filename as in “filename_half_2x1.mp4”. Our data shows that a tiny fraction of our users are using Half-width content.

The new version of LeiaPlayer has the same compatibility as the last version, with a slight change to make life easier for users the majority of the time.

There are two simple solutions for you:

  1. Add “half” to the filename of the Half-width content you’re having issues with.
  2. Use the older version of the app that seems to work for you.

Please reach out to help@leiainc.com if you have any other questions.


When comes the ability back to edit sbs (h4v pro) in Leia player???

When comes the ability back to edit sbs (h4v pro) in Leia player???

You can currently edit SBS in LeiaPlayer. It only saves in Leia Image Format, however.

The ability to export as SBS within LeiaPlayer is a @john.friday question, but we’re looking at adding advanced image editing features to Lightfield Studio on Mac and Windows computers sometime next year.

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Red player always did that, why removing it in the first place ?

That’s just the thing i whant back, and most of the people i think also, as SBS is a standard in the world, Leia image format does not.

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so _fullWidth_2x1 is not needed anymore? (only _2x1)
I think is faster to write _half_2x1 than _fullWidth_2x1, but why not _h2x1 for half and _2x1 for full? It will be faster to change filename of a file, and faster to see on a file list on the computer which is half and which is full.