LeiaStream v.1.3 release

Today we released a new version of LeiaStream, version 1.3. This version incorporates two key improvements:

  • Integration with LeiaLogin
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

LeiaLogin is an all-new account system unifying your login experience across different Leia apps and also supporting third party apps available through the Leia Appstore. This means that we now have a central login mechanism for all Leia apps.


Hi to all!
I cannot register for Leiastream.
After accepting the mandatory conditions, I arrive on the Log In page. The fields are pre-filled (Firstname, Lastname, Email). I can define an avatar, but it is the only active box. I cannot click to choose my Nickname, nor press the “Confirm” key which is grayed out and inactive …
Where is the problem coming from, and how should I do it?
Thank you for your help :wink:

Hello François! The best way to handle support questions like these is to write to help@leiainc.com or go to our support chat online 9-5 PST Lume Pad Support | Leia Inc.. Before you do so you might need to update the Leia AppStore app from version 498 to 513 and clear the cache. Please try that and if you still have a problem please contact Support.

Thanks Gabriel.
I indeed contacted the Leia support, and they were able to help me solve the problem!
Congratulations to the whole team !
Have a nice day!

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