LightField Studio 1.2 is now available!

After almost two years, the new version of Lightfield Studio is now available for MacOS!

This version of LFS has new features, including Orbital Content Conversion and 2D Content Conversion. Yes, you can turn ANY 2D video into a 3D Lightfield video!

It also has updated the older conversion tool into the new Stereo Content Conversion tool.

More features and a Windows port are coming in the next few months. Until then, we’d love for you to try Lightfield Studio and let us know what you think!

Download it today at:

Learn about the app in the LeiaLoft Documentation here:


No macos in the house,
Waiting for windows version


Coincidentally, I was ready to order a Mac this week just for LFS but knowing that a Windows port is coming, I can save some precious desk space :slight_smile:
Looking forward to use these new features then!


Knowing ye olde mApple company, you can also save some serious cash too :smile:

That’s definetely true, it’s just that cash can be refilled but my desk has a hard limit at its corners :laughing:

Nice! However for those of us that got caught in the old Covid madness, I can barely (I can’t really) afford that Lume pad I just bought :smile:


Unfortunately yes, refills these days are more trickle than splash.

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Hey everyone,

I put together a quick tutorial video for you to get a taste of what’s possible with Lightfield Studio with some examples you can see in the video!

Take a look and let me know what you think.


There’s new documentation now available for features in Lightfield Studio. Learn more about:

Baseline Multiplier

Batch Processing


Please prioritize the Windows port as we Windows users are in dire need of Lightfield Studio.


Yes indeed, we are left in the cold as usual :sob:

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Any way to get rid of the watermark?

Pay for the pro version?

Hey @herbw, are you running the newest available version of Lightfield Studio?

@H1_Lover_Luke There is no “Pro” version of Lightfield Studio available for now, paid or otherwise. There have been two versions released, 1.1 which was the “Trial Version” and the new 1.2 which is the “Beta” version.

Right now, consider a license for the software to come with your purchase of a Leia device.


Windows??? :smile:

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As far as I know, @Nima, I am running the newest available version (1.2, October 26). There is no About menu to verify, and Get Info on the application shows only the date. And I have purchased a brand new Lume Pad, which I received November 25.

Windows??? :smile:

Nothing new to announce @H1_Lover_Luke, except that the Lightfield Studio team is working full-time on the Windows port as we speak.

As far as I know, @Nima, I am running the newest available version (1.2, October 26). There is no About menu to verify, and Get Info on the application shows only the date.

It’s not intuitive as of yet, but if you click the Lightfield Studio logo in the bottom left it will take you to an about menu.

For now, Stereo to Multiview Conversion does have a watermark. If you’re working on something professional that you’re using to sell or if you’re looking to release it on LeiaStream, we can work with you to do a conversion for you to get you a final result without a watermark. Unfortunately, it will take a few releases before we can decide what the future of Lightfield Studio will be including watermark removal on that specific conversion tool. Lots of complicated stuff going on in the background in regards to how it’s being used between businesses that I’m not privy to share unfortunately. But like I said, we’ll try to help if we can.


thanks for clarifying that this area’s still publicly unclear

Although I see you’re active on this thread, you appear to be looking for information, regarding Lightfied Studio on Windows, so in case you missed it: