Lightfield Studio Aspect Ratio Problem

I installed Lightfield Studio for Windows version 1.2 beta and was able to convert a SBS mp4 video file.
The original video was made for Instagram to free view at 1920x1080 resolution. Each eye view is 960x1080 and is not half-width.
Lightfield studio stretched each eye view during the conversion doubling the horizontal resolution.
Could you add an option to avoid this problem?
Lightfield studio is making assumptions about the input SBS aspect ratio. I’m guessing if my video was 3840x1080 this problem would go away.

The video shows a 3D SBS photo of a sculpture and zooms into the photo. The depth is not adequate at the start but improves as the zoom completes. This works fine when free viewing but the conversion shows too much disparity at the start.

After the conversion completes the “start conversion” button appears. I wish there were a conversion done message with OK to begin a new conversion with new input.

I’m willing to provide my video to Leia to help fix the issue.

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Forgot to mention I used the “Stereo Content Conversion” feature selection.

One more note about the problem.
When I select “2D Content Conversion” the result has two frames like the original video, and the aspect ratio is correct.
The disparity at the start is acceptable for viewing.

Thanks for the feedback @javamind!

We’ll look into how Lightfield Studio handles non-standard aspect ratios for the Stereo Content Conversion tool in an upcoming release. Right now, it’s definitely optimized around landscape 16:9/16:10 content for Hydrogen and Lume Pad, respectively.

In the mean time, if the 2D Content Conversion tool satisfies your needs from a visual fidelity standpoint, I’d recommend simply cropping your SBS video to the left eye view, and running that view through the 2D Content Conversion tool.

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Hi Nima,
Glad to help with suggestions to improve Lightfield Studio (LS) software, an important tool for content creators.
Here are some new observations:

I created a full SBS video from a different still 3D photo zooming into the scene. The new SBS video is 3840x1080. After conversion with LS the _2x2.mp4 looks great on the Lume Pad. This came out as I thought it might due to the aspect ratio/format of the input video.

Unlike previous test conversions LS added a watermark LeiaLoft TM to the converted video while the other conversions did not (maybe it is actually there but the background is the same color?). Is this because LS is in beta and we have to buy LS to remove the watermark? With the watermark I will not show or publish anywhere, since the watermark implies Leia ownership of my content.

My Windows 10 laptop has a 4K display. When I run LS at 1920x1080 text displays properly, but when I change to 4K, 3840x2160, LS displays text crunched vertically and horizontally. Seems like Windows LS has not been tested on 4K displays.

I also created a handheld orbital 1080p smartphone video and used the Orbital content conversion feature. The conversion worked nicely. However there was to much jitter making the result hard to watch in 3D.

Could you add a video stabilization feature to LS. This would save the extra step of editing the video to stabilize before conversion. I’m more a still photographer than videographer, but I could invest in a gimbal for the camera, but I think stabilization/jitter removal may also be needed somewhere in the editing process.

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

for the 4k display issue, try the Windows Compatibility settings. Right-click the EXE, select Properties, then the Compatibility tab:

and Change High DPI settings to System or System (Enhanced):

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks Alex,
this settings changed worked nicely.