Lightfield Studio for Windows now available!

Happy Holidays everyone!

From myself and everyone on the Leia Video team, we’d like to welcome all of our Windows users to Lightfield Studio.

Let us know what you think!

Link to Download Lightfield Studio for Windows


can you explain what how, result you can do with this program?


There are currently three tools:

Stereo Content Conversion: Takes 3D SBS video and converts it to a Quad Lightfield video. This will try to create views optimized for comfort on Leia devices. You can also increase the depth multiplier to increase the depth effect, however, the higher you go the higher of a chance there are for image artifacts.

Orbital Content Conversion: Convert a series of photos or a video of a central object taken in orbit around said object (like an object on a lazy susan or a drone aerial shot of a landmark) and convert it into a Quad Lightfield video, with automatic reconvergence and some other automatic post-processing to make it look great, even if the original shots are slightly shifted or time-dilated.

2D Content Conversion: Exactly what it sounds like. Takes 2D video and uses Leia’s advanced algorithms to convert it into a Quad Lightfield video.

For more information:

Link to Documentation

How To Video for MacOS (effectively identical to Windows):


only video, no picture ?

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For now, yes. Image tools coming sometime in 2021.


i thought it was in there allready, that’s why i was waiting for windows version.
No probs i need to wait some more then


So much good news this week!

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LS doesn’t appear on Start Menu

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Hello David! Yes - in this version you need to run the application from its install location or the easier alternative is to create a shortcut for the same in your location of choice.


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And it installs into Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files. But I found it anyway! :wink:

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Another observation is that the app registers its DPI awareness as per-monitor aware (Qt default) but it doesn’t actually implement it. It should probably be manifested as “unaware” which looks much better then.

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32 bit app then?

No, it’s a real 64-bit app, the installation folder is misleading.

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On two of my computers when running Stereo Content Conversion, the app silently exits at about 85% in the Assembling views stage, even with a short 5 second video taken on the Lume Pad. Any known issues here?

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I found 2d to 3D conversion surprisingly good! The best I have seen until now


Audio doesn’t sync correctly when converting most videos, a lot of seconds difference. Also video is not playable on PC, so maybe there is a encoding problem.

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Thank you all for your feedback so far! I’ve passed it along to the Video team and we’re planning next steps on how to improve the app.

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Thanks for the feedback David! For the audio being out of sync - we recommend setting the frame rate for the conversion to match that of the input video.

Thanks for reporting this issue Alex - we are debugging this and will get back you at the earliest.

Hey @alexzeder, we have a new version of Lightfield Studio for Windows that should fix this problem for you. Download it, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Everyone else, you should download the new hotfix version too. No reason not to be on the newest version!

We’ve also confirmed that the app is indeed 64-bit and installing in the incorrect location, however, it’s not writing to the registry so it’s not causing any major issues. That said, we’ll be fixing it in an upcoming installer in a future version.