LightField Studio for Windows?

Hey there,

I want to convert my existing 3D movies into 4V to see them on my H1.
The problem is, I have no Mac PC, only my Windows 10 Desktop. Is there any way to convert SBS to 4V?
Or is Lightfield available for windows but I couldnt find it? :smiley:



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Hey Greg, @sanmathi.bharamgouda should be able to give you some more info on if this is possible!


Thanks! Is there a way to direct message? :slight_smile:

There is, you can just click on someone’s name(like in the above comment) and there should be a blue “Message” button you can use to DM.

I thought I’d just give you the two quick and easy solutions right now though:

  1. If you’d like to automatically play SBS videos and photos on Hydrogen in 4V, you can simply append “_2x1” at the end of the filename before the file type. For example, if you name your SBS video “VideoName_2x1.mp4” it will play in 4V automatically! Leia’s Go4V technology does a conversion from 3D to 4V in realtime.

  2. If you’re creating content and would like to master it in native 4V, then LightField Studio is your best bet. We’re still deciding on where to go next with LightField Studio. For the foreseeable future, using a Mac is the only possible option, or, we’ve offered to do mastering for Pro users if you send the files to us.


Thanks! I try to find out the best settings to use the “_2x1” method because it shows no video when playing on the H1, only black screen.
My video file has 21:9 aspect ratio (plus the second picture of the SBS format, so 42:9 ratio).
Do i have to change to 16:9 (32:9) ratio or is this not relevant?
What Bit rates are supported by the H1 and the LeiaPlayer? My file has 202341kb/s, too much?

Thanks for help!

That’s a question for @john.friday. If the video shows a black screen, the resolution may be too high for the Hydrogen to decode, especially if it’s much wider than 3840 pixels in the horizontal direction as an SBS.

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