Lightfield Studio Resource Consumption

I recently tried to convert a 2hr SBS film on my 2017 iMac…was working overnight, came to it again this morning to see huge amounts of resources used…then it finally gave up after what looked like 1/4 of conversion. Any others have any experience and/or tips?

Hello @leosetton, welcome to the Leia Forums.

@greg is probably a good person to help to advise you with this.
I’m thinking that an eGPU might help, (as it looks like you don’t already have one,) but as I don’t have a Mac, I wouldn’t want to confuse the issue by taking guesses.
(Thanks in advance, Greg.).


Hey Leo! @sanmathi.bharamgouda may be able to provide some info regarding this.


Thanks Nick and Matthew! it is the oddest thing. never had an app consume over 100gb memory before!

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It seems to be a bug with mast versons of Mac OS according to Leia CM on Twitter.
He says that a new version will be release next month.
I have the same problem with a brand new MacBook Pro Core i9 and 64Gb Ram.
I can encode videos if they are not more than 3 minutes long but for a longer video, it crashes.
Too bad the soft does not use the GPU more than the CPU. Maybe on this next version ?

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