Lume Pad Pre-Order

Proud Hydrogen One user and now excited for the Lume Pad release. I noticed something to look out for if you plan to pre-order.

There are two color choices to pick from but I noticed after I put “Champagne Beige” in my cart and started to order the release changed from mid-October to mid-November.

Only the “Moon Grey” pre-orders will ship in October so if your impatient and want it day 1 be sure to pick that color. For anyone who didn’t notice and pre-ordered the other color I bet if you asked someone from the Leia team they will help you out.


Hi @wbs101 and thanks for everything! Happy to have you as part of the Leia family.

Let me add here that if you (or anyone here looking) have ANY questions…or want to change colors…please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Just email and we’ll make sure to get you sorted.

Thanks everyone!

-Darren from the Leia Team


Hi Darren,

for orders that include both colors, I assumed they ship together at the later date, or can they be shipped separately, the gray ones first when available?



Thanks for the question. There’s no additional cost in case the order is sent in different shipments due to different delivery dates. So, for instance, if you’re ordering both colors and only one is available first, you get the first one sent and the second when the other model is available (and at no extra cost).