M1 incompatible?

I have an M1 MacBook pro, every time I boot up lightfield Studio it crashes. Is this still an x86/ARM issue?

As with pretty much any other Windows Applikation, Bootcamp Runs like :poop: on M1 Hardware.

I have had mixed results depending on the program. Largely the M1 unit has made my work far easier compared to buying a $2500 MacBook. Now a $1000 one can do my 4K editing and stuff. Sadly I bought mine because my desktop died in 2021 during the pandemic and any other option was $3k+ at the time. The one time a Max was truly the cheapest option x.x

It is good that they came down in Price at least, let’s cross fingers that they manage to get rid of these compatibility Issues, I had a lot of Customers having trouble with M1 where an old PC or Intel Mac works just fine. But I wouldn’t take my hopes too high, it seems that the code needs pretty significant optimisations for a lot of tasks to Run properly on M1, and a lot of Software companys simply don’t have enough resources to do that, especially since Apple has just 7.2% Market Share in Computers it is a tough decision to optimize for it.