Maya creators where ya at!

Hey everyone! Marlon here. I’m posting here to see who in our community is actively using Maya. I’m looking forward to making some fun content with the community and eager to see who’s out there and interested in collaborations. Drop a comment or post any artwork you’d like to share!


Marlon, Socia Media and Community Manager

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I would like to participate, the only issue is when I use the Maya plugin it continues to hijack my render settings and renders images out at 640x360. So far that anomaly is not able to be controlled, thus reducing my render quality.

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I hear you, Oscar! Will check in with the team and see if this is coming we can alleviate right now. Can’t wait to see your art in 3D!

Thank you ! I love the tablet and the 3D tech created with it.

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Appreciate the love, Oscar! Right back atcha! We’ll be in touch soon! Any art you’re currently excited about? I’m eager to do more with photos and point clouds.


Heres my email we can speak more about this in private.