Maya Plugin export resolution options

Good morning,
Seems when I render out 3D animation to use on the device the software hijacks my Arnold Render settings. Especially in the areas of Screen resolution, I set up the render to match the 1600x2560 portrait mode. When I check on .mp4 and copy it to an Android device it automatically changes the resolution to 360x640 reducing image quality. Any workaround for this same with the file name for rendering it takes over and as a v0000000.png, overriding my naming convention for this. I have found workarounds but added them to the production pipeline. Any way I can edit this or is there a plugin update available to remedy this?

Hi @Oscar54! Thanks for sharing. We’re taking a look and we’ll be circling back with any tips. Appreciate you going for it with Maya! I’d love to see what you’re creating. Thanks! - Marlon, Leia Community Manager