Purchasing the full LeiaLoft Studio version

How do I purchase the full version of LeiaLoft Studio. I’m not seeing any costs or purchasing links on the menus or preferences.

Thank you all for helping out.

Hi Scott, welcome to the forum! We have a version of LightField Studio available at https://developer.leialoft.com/main/tools/documentation. Is this what you were looking for??


I’m looking to purchase the full LeiaLoft studio software package, but I’m not finding any links or information on how to do that.

Hi Scott, if you’re asking for a full version because the documentation says “Trial Version”, this is the only version available right now (AFAIK). It would better be labelled Beta rather than Trial.

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My beta version is converting formats but not actually saving into the designated folder. Is there any explanation for this? I’ve reinstalled and restarted and still the same issue.

Hey @scott.hollinger3d I’ve had a similar issue. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the cause is right now, it’s inconsistent between computers.

@sanmathi.bharamgouda may have more information.


Hi Mathew…
I’ve tried downloading the LightField Studio .dmg, but when I attempt to launch I get an error saying NO MOUNTABLE FILESYSTEMS.
I’m on OSX 10.10.5 (in order to use an older M-Audio interface).
Do I need to update my OS to use this software?

@sanmathi.bharamgouda can you offer some help here please?

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Hi @HyperopicMedia, MacOS 10.12 is the minimum supported version of the Trial Version of LightField Studio, and the upcoming release with new features will require MacOS 11.

I kind of expected that to be the case.
Guess I’ll need 2 boot partitions!

In case anyone missed it, the new Lightfield Studio is now available!