Remove lightfield studio watermark


I’m creating a Unity application using Leia Media.
I need to convert a Side-By-Side video using Lightfield Studio Stereo Content Conversion, but it adds a watermark.
There is other topic asking about a paid version, but it not seems to be scheduled, and there is no plain answer.
What’s your solution to use the encoder without having this watermark ?


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Hello @yoanngn,

I hope this is the information you’re looking for:

Thank you @nick.tester !

@Nima I assume that you still have a lot to do, so I don’t want to bother you too much.
what’s the delay to get a no watermark converted video from the moment I will send it to you ?
I need this information for the project manager :slight_smile:


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Hey @yoanngn DM me and we’ll make it work.

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I wanted to chime in on this thread as I’ve just discovered the issue for myself.

I just picked up a Lume Pad (arrived yesterday), and I’m starting to play with it. For full disclosure, I’m a 3D enthusiast and not much of a content creator (other than personal stuff).

I want to enjoy my 3D media on the Lume Pad. As part of that, I’ve started re-ripping (my existing MKV files don’t seem to have a compatible audio codec in use) my 3D Blu-ray discs (using DVDfab). I’m now running the resulting full-SBS video through Lightfield Studio.

After running all night to extract the frames and then estimate the depth map, I now see that it’s assembling the 2x2 views. I also now see an unexpected “LeiaLoft” watermark in the lower left-hand corner of each of the four panels. I’m really surprised to see this, but please remember that I’m looking at this device from a different perspective from most others (all?) here, so my expectations may simply be a bit off.

I look forward to future updates where the future of this feature will be clarified.

Hey @Marc,

We will be adding additional support for more file types and codecs in future releases of LeiaPlayer.

The Stereo Content Conversion tool specifically was originally released for tool validation for content creators, specifically Hollywood studios and other major film makers. Because of that, the watermark is a holdover from earlier versions, in which they would reach out to us once they’ve validated the tool to create a final master without the watermark.

Future versions of the Stereo Content Conversion tool in Lightfield Studio will not only have an updated conversion engine, but will also remove the watermark. Master-quality conversion, however, still must be done in partnership with Leia.

Thanks for the reply! That sounds reasonable to me. I certainly don’t need professional-level quality for my home use, but I’m happy to be able to at least go from 3D to a level of 4V that can improve the experience over on-the-fly 3D conversion.

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