stereo3D.exe malware?

Downloaded and used LightfileldStudio with no problem but the stereo3D.exe part got quarantined as malware:

Malware “Gen:Variant.Razy.623347 (B)” in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Leia Inc\LightfieldStudio\stereo3D.exe”

Anyone else have similar issues?

Probably what’s known as a false positive, and nothing to worry about. What is your antivirus? If you’re on Windows 10 you only really need the built in from MS

Thanks, that’s what I was assuming too but just wanted to check if any others had seen it before I reinstalled. This was flagged by Emsisoft antivirus.

Just what I thought, If using Windows, the Built in AntiVirus and Firewall Work Just fine If You don’t Open every dubious Mail or You are surfing very Dangerous Websites. Using additional AntiVirus Just increases CPU Usage, sometimes by an extend that Makes the whole System struggle to keep Up with applications.Leia ist a great Company with very Professional and Nice People, and If there is Something sketchy they would instantly Report If someone did Something harmful to their work or If there would be a potential harm for their Customers. I guess the only Thing that could Happen with a Software from Leia ist that there is a Bug somewhere that didn’t Show Up during Testing, but this Happens to all Software Developer s when breaking into new grounds. That Said I Love the Passion that Leia Puts in everything they do and that they hear closely to their Customers Feedback.

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I have the same problem. I just tried installing stereo3D.exe but AVG quarantined it. I know it’s not a virus Just giving a heads up.