Using orbital to get 3D of non-orbiting video

My first post here. Only ordered a Lume Pad today, and so I don’t have anything to test on.

But I had an idea for a use for the orbital content conversion, to do something that I have done a lot in the past in a manual way. I take horizontal scrolling videos and place frame 1 to n-1 side by side with frame 2 to n to get a final SBS video. I might make that more than one frame separation if the motion is slow. It works really well.

It occurred to me that the orbital content conversion tool would work in a similar way. So I did a brief test, of some video taken from the Q train going across the Manhattan Bridge.

I’m not certain of whether clockwise or anti-clockwise would be correct, so I did both. One of you could tell me which was the right one!

In unrelated news, I received a Devotee Badge from a different Discourse forum I am in (you get that if you visit the form 365 days in a row), so I am familiar with what newbies are allowed to post. I will try a post with two links, and if that fails I will give the links in a different way.

Here is the clockwise test:

and the anti-clockwise test:


@Colin welcome and thanks for posting. The orbital direction (CW vs CCW) refers to how the content moves (not the camera) so your footage would be CW.

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Thanks. I am able to watch SBS video slightly cross-eyed to get the 3D effect. In the videos on my desktop the clockwise one did seem correct, but on YouTube it was the other way around. That was because I wrote the descriptions incorrectly. I fixed that on YouTube, but in my post here the one I say is clockwise is now anti-clockwise, and vice-versa.

If I had videoed out of the north facing window on the train, I would have to use CCW.

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Happy to say my Lume Pad arrived today, thanks for shipping it so soon.

How do I view the videos that were output by LightField Studio? I think I will find a way to directly play the file I made, but is there a way to view the file as a YouTube video? Stereoscopically that is, I can already view the four quadrants version.

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Hello Colin!

The videos you have converted using Lightfield Studio needs to be manually transferred to your Lume Pad. Then you get to use the Leia Player to play it back. So for the Youtube - do you mean you want a stereoscopic output (SBS) generated ?

I got past the loading of video onto the Lume Pad, including working out that the name needs _2x2 added for it to be viewed as 4V.

For the actual application I want to do, and it would take care of my YouTube question as well, is to be able to place the entire Lume Pad into 4V mode. Then if I was watching a four quadrant image on YouTube, or anywhere at all, it would be 4V stereoscopic.