What's the typical review time for a post? Will we be notified if post is declined?

I uploaded a video a day or so ago, but it still isn’t showing under my content. Just curious what the expected turnaround time is.

I also have uploaded various videos pending of review. I guess the reviewer is on vacancy.

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Now, I’m starting to get worried, no new videos since 15 days…

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hah, maybe they’re on vacation. maybe better to upload to youtube at this point?
tho, i wonder if a 2x2 uploaded to youtube would play? maybe 2x1 only

Now it’s time to be worried. No any approved video in more than a month, and I have several to upload

wonder if @Nima has any insight?

@jakedowns, I was just wondering about your comment a few weeks ago. YouTube does support 3D content, but its support feels lacking. It seems that content I’ve uploaded that was 2560x720 seems to be available at 1440p (upscaling necessary to preserve the X resolution?), but when I view it via LeiaTube, I have to set it as half-width, so I’m not sure I’m getting all 1280 pixels across the z=0 plane.

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I just discovered that “Trending This Month” is now returning “Sorry, no content found.”

With that kind of disinformation started the Hydrogen One lack of support without announcing anything until several months later, when it was evident they were in fact not supporting their product

@Marc @Kano3D @jakedowns we are working on a large update to LeiaStream please bear with us in the meantime cc @BobShakib @gwilensky

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please check again

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Thanks, David!

Great timing for me to upload a couple videos myself.

@dfattal, one of the files I uploaded (well, “am uploading”) is a re-upload. Is there a proper way to let y’all know to replace an earlier version of the video with this newly-stabilized one?

you just did :wink:

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