Cnsdk getRenderTargetForView(0) problem

Hello, jump from another activity to the MainActivity page, when I return to the previous page, the program directly crashes when I enter MainActivity again. What is the reason? Thank you, the position error is the activity. getRenderTargetForView(0)


com.leia.cnsdkgettingstartedglandroidnative A/LeiaSDK: [LeiaSDK] [critical] leia::sdk::Gui::~Gui() being used on incorrect thread.
com.leia.cnsdkgettingstartedglandroidnative E/libEGL: call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)

[LeiaSDK] [error] [Interlacing-Repository] Failed to create in-service implementation: JNI call failed: jobject javaInstance = jniEnv->NewObject(clazz, constructor, (jlong)this, androidContext, *packageName, *className, *interfaceName, *minVersion, desc.foreground, desc.important, desc.autoReconnect) in leia::BaseServiceConnection::BaseServiceConnection(leia::Platform *, JNIEnv *, const leia::ServiceDescriptor &, leia::BaseServiceConnection::OnConnectionUpdateCallback) D:/a/CNSDK/CNSDK/leia/common/android/baseServiceConnection.cpp:46

Neither of these errors is a potential reason for a crash. Please share the whole system-level log of your app’s run. Also, an .apk that I can use to reproduce will be handy