Download link for LeiaLoft .apk?

Where do i download the LeiaLoft .apk?

Hey @jk.coder welcome to our forum! For LeiaLoft there is no APK available. The app comes pre loaded on all Leia devices. Maybe if you can expand on what you are working to accomplish we can be of more help here!


@MatthewBurns DMed you.

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I deleted the newest leia loft store app on my hydrogen and it went back the the red leia store. I basically cleared the cache and app data and logged out aswell because an app I purchased was not downloading and now I go into the store it gives me the original red hydrogen Leia store loop etc etc before it used to update itself to the new version I don’t know what the heck happened if you can send me the APK that’d be great

Greetings, I too have encountered this issue (not being capable of updating), though mine arises, from a recently purchased H1A Verizon variant.

Is there a remedy?

Look at this Discussion, there is the Link.LeiaLoft Store not working

Thanks. I just read through there. I was able to fix the issue similarly a few days ago.