LeiaLoft Store not working

I just got into my hydrogen one, I can’t get the Leia Loft store to open up. I’ve tried almost everything I know of to fix this issue. I can open up the Red player and the hydrogen network apps but the Leia Loft store is the only one I cannot open.

When I try to open it, there is an error message that pops up and says “an error occurred, try again” no matter how many times I clicked try again, it won’t budge.

I just set the phone up so I hasn’t been able to run the update. I was able to get into the home of the app but without updating the app it’s not going to work correctly I presume. If anyone has any information on how to fix this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Hey @MylonOrion,

We’re going to announce more about this, but effectively the older certificates for LeiaLoft have expired. They don’t affect users with current devices like Lume Pad, but for devices that aren’t supported by their manufacturer anymore, like RED’s Hydrogen One, you’ll need to manually update the LeiaLoft Store yourself.

To do so, follow the instructions at this link: LeiaLoft - RED Hydrogen


Just purchased lume pad and can’t log into leia loft apps. I click sign on with google and it says oops something’s wrong. Help pls?

Hey @olGEEZY,

This could be due to Google Services having some issues, which can be caused if you skip parts of the initial setup process. Please reboot the Lume Pad, wait five minutes, and try again.

And if you haven’t yet done so, please update the Lume Pad’s firmware to the newest available. You can find it in Settings.


The old turn it off and back on again trick. Thank you it worked!

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Hey Mylon. Did that work? It didn’t work on my Hydro.

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Hey Steve, the link that Nima sent over worked perfectly for me. I didn’t have to reset my phone or anything. Just follow the instructions on Nima’s post and you should be good!

Follow this link and it should fix it. Let me know if it works too!

You may need to tap and hold on the apk link in step 1 to get the context menu then select Download Link. This will download the apk to your download folder where you can install from there by tapping the apk.

You might also have to allow chrome to install apps from unknown locations.

Thanks Stuart, still no good.

Sorry it didn’t work. It worked on my Al which I haven’t touched since I got my Ti model.

Edit: Did you have to download the apk from Nima’s link? If so, did you go to Settings->Apps & notifications, tap Chrome, then tap Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source before trying to install the apk?

This issue will occur on outdated versions of LumePad Firmware.

For LumePad - Please ensure you are on Lume_1.2.7_GMS or higher. This firmware build includes the necessary version of Leia Loft (441.) Note: Depending on the ship date of the tablet, it may take more than one update to update to the latest.

For Hydrogen One - LeiaLoft - RED Hydrogen

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