New updates or features

These days Leia team is very silent. I’m curious on what are working.

Can you share some hints or information on what is coming next to our Lume Pad?

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New hotfix for LeiaPix out today, BIG updates coming in a little while.

That’s all I can say for now :zipper_mouth_face:


No update seen yet, but the day is not finished

@Chillerfpv The update is live in LeiaLoft.


My leialoft no longer works after I had to reset my Hydrogen one back to factory default due to screen pin lock out.

Hey @Ledzeppelin69,

Follow the instructions on this page and it will resolve your issue. Unfortunately, RED is no longer support Hydrogen One so that’s caused some issues with certificates expiring and being unable to automatically update them alongside the OS through an OTA.


I click on it , doesn’t dnld. Can u send again. Or is there a site

@Ledzeppelin69 Are you clicking on the link and does it take you to the documentation page?

Does clicking on the link on the documentation page not download it automatically for you?

You can do this from the Lume Pad and install it directly if you’d like.

This keeps popping up ( I managed to screen capture it)

Pleas help. I have updated the Leialoft store manually but it keeps crashing?

@bombelkie Please reach out to and they’ll help you out.

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Thank you :relaxed: