LeiaTube Version 0.2.11

Hey everyone, we’ve just released an update for LeiaTube for Lume Pad on the Leia Appstore that fixes support after Google released an update to YouTube that broke compatibility.

It should auto-update after a while, but feel free to go to Appstore and download it manually if you’d like.

Let us know if it’s working for you and ping us at help@leiainc.com if you have any issues.


Thank you so much, it seems to work well, please thank every one for there hard work. Thank you again

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Thank you!


Just been playing from YouTube on the Lumepad 12K HDR 120fps Dolby Vision Super Vision 8K Vision, shared on Leiatube, looks stunning in 3D. Cannot wait to get the Lumepad 2, should be even better

If you want to really push Lieatube on YouTube in 3d ,try Live at Transmission Prague 2016 4k. VINI VICI. Great Spirt. Just turn it up so good