Update to LeiaTube

Hi folks! We just released a new version of LeiaTube that incorporates the following improvements:

  • Support for VR180
  • Improvements to automatic format detection
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Please try it out and let us know what you think!


I received my Lume Pad today (because VR180 runs now) :slightly_smiling_face: Accessing VR180 on YouTube works well.

The blurry videos from my old VR180 cameras look fine. With Olympus and Canon VR, the jags on the edges are annoying. :face_with_monocle: Maybe the app can stream a substream with less resolution? The display can certainly handle that better.

It would also be good if the middle of the picture was in the center at the beginning VR videos. No one is holding the LumePad in front of their head right now. :muscle: I look for the center of each video first.


I just realized there is a new update. Version 0.2.10. Please let the entire development team for Leia Tube know that they are making incredible progress and to keep doing whatever it is they are doing. This update alone fixed some of the 3d quality issues that I brought up as a request here earlier this year. I’m stunned by how quickly the improvements were made and implemented and how incredible it looks.

Your team is working on the most groundbreaking 3d technology in the world and I hope they feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to make further improvements after updates like this!


Will forward to the team @Josh_G thx :pray: