New release of LeiaTube is out today!

Hello folks! Today we released a new version of LeiaTube (v0.2.9) which includes:

  • Support for VR180 videos
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Let us know what you think!


Tried it out on an old VR180 (Insta360 EVO) of mine on YouTube and it worked fine.
Good to see Leia starting to support VR180 format, which has many cameras out there (including a few still being made).


Most anticipated update. Thanks.

Hope fully, we expect a VR180 play back with leia player soon.


  1. options to enable/disable video panning when moving the tablet
  2. Video panning is limited for top/bottom while swiping the screen, need to move tablet up or down to adjust view.
  3. Playback Quality not able to adjust when playing the video

Thank you, @gwilensky , for this update. VR 180 and 360 videos on YouTube look great!


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Thank you to all that made this update possible The VR 160 and 180 vids are looking pretty awesome now

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!