Please please allow looking around in VR180 videos in LeiaPlayer

I recently received my Lume Pad 2 and after playing around with various use cases (consuming 180 VR content, 3D SBS content, Kandao Qoocam 3D content, Nintendo 3DS content, Youtube VR content etc etc) I think my main use case will be consuming 180 VR videos in LeiaPlayer.

There is a big flaw though : you cannot look around! You can only look at the very center of the 180 VR video. This is a shame because it defeats the otherwise excellent 180 VR viewing feature.

Please please add this feature in the next update!

Please add it as a simple touch and drag so that I don’t have to physically move the tablet around. You could also add it additionally as a “move the tablet around” just like it already exists in LeiaTube when viewing Youtube VR content, however in my case I could not use it.

Kudos for a great piece of 3D hardware and built in 3D apps.

You can look around VR180 content. Just move your tablet around.

That’s the current plan for the next version.

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I stand corrected. I could swear it wasn’t working a few hours ago and now it is. I’ll be damned haha. Thanks for the answer and for confirming the touch and drag plan! Have a lovely evening.

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