Please please allow looking around in VR180 videos in LeiaPlayer

I recently received my Lume Pad 2 and after playing around with various use cases (consuming 180 VR content, 3D SBS content, Kandao Qoocam 3D content, Nintendo 3DS content, Youtube VR content etc etc) I think my main use case will be consuming 180 VR videos in LeiaPlayer.

There is a big flaw though : you cannot look around! You can only look at the very center of the 180 VR video. This is a shame because it defeats the otherwise excellent 180 VR viewing feature.

Please please add this feature in the next update!

Please add it as a simple touch and drag so that I don’t have to physically move the tablet around. You could also add it additionally as a “move the tablet around” just like it already exists in LeiaTube when viewing Youtube VR content, however in my case I could not use it.

Kudos for a great piece of 3D hardware and built in 3D apps.

You can look around VR180 content. Just move your tablet around.

That’s the current plan for the next version.


I stand corrected. I could swear it wasn’t working a few hours ago and now it is. I’ll be damned haha. Thanks for the answer and for confirming the touch and drag plan! Have a lovely evening.

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Just as an aside, the conversion of my 360 mono photos into 3d 360 photos on the tablet is astonishing. Very good indeed! I’ve also been playing with the LeiaPix site and animation tools from 2d photos - that’s a hell of a tool!

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