Insta360 Evo 180 SBS

When would app be developed to view 180 SBS videos and images in 3D

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Hey @balajis17,

We’ve been working on it! It’s still on the way. It’s currently planned for the next LeiaPlayer release after this next one.

We can currently play back VR180/360 video content from YouTube though, so anything you upload there can play back through LeiaTube.


The above link is a windows app call VR sphere.
This app works effectively to display VR180 images/videos on a 3D TV.

The idea is cool. May be LumePad can implement it.

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I can only play VR360 from Youtube at the moment. Where is the setting for VR180?

Also, I cant seem to find the LeiaTube app when I try to share local files. Is it only possible to view youtube videos in 3D and not local videos? I thought there was an option to view 2D in 3D on the fly…

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It should work with VR180 automatically. When I tried it everything seemed to work fine.

Currently you can only use streaming apps with LeiaTube.

A solution to convert local content from 2D to Lightfield is coming soon.

Well it does play the video, but it’s stretched out as if it is a 360 video. I updated both the Streaming app and the Youtube app and it still won’t play it in VR180 properly. When I click the setting button on the top right corner, it only has modes for 3D SBS and then for 360, but I see no 180 options.

Have you tried other VR180 content?

It’s possible the file’s metadata was incorrect when uploaded to YouTube.

Ive tried multiple videos. Ones from my personal youtube account and others I searched for. I can only speak for my video’s metadata, since I use Premiere to export VR content. Can you link me to a video you know has the correct metadata?

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This one works correctly for me.

Just FYI, all VR180s on LeiaTube will duplicate the video on both sides so that it’s not just black when you look behind. So it will say 360 and look 360 at first blush, but it’s actually a VR180 being duplicated on both sides. The UI only says 360 and not VR180 though, so I understand it can be confusing. We’ll take that feedback into account.

For some reason it is not duplicating the 180 VR image on my tablet. The 180 VR square image is stretched and connects behind me at 6 o’clock. If I change the setting to 360 Stereo, it stretched the image even further. 360 VR videos do show up as they should, but a little sluggish though. The version of LeiaTube I’m running is beta 0.2.6 and YouTube should be up to date as well. Not sure why I can’t figure it out.

That is strange. I’ll have the team see if they can replicate that behavior.