Viewing vr180 and Youtube Videos on Native screen

Hi, I was wondering if there will ever be a support to view vr180 3D videos shot on vr180 cameras. I’m getting an insta360 EVO and was wondering if it would be possible to view the 3D content on the native display. My brother just received the Mopic Snap 3D case which will allow him to view 3D content shot on the camera trough the Mopic app as well as YouTube 3D videos. Would this ever be possible? Every 3D phone I have had has had youtube access to view 3D content on the native 3D. Hopefully, this is in the works. Looking for people’s input and to see if there even is any interest in something like this.


@john.friday or @Nima may be able to help with this.

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Hey @bombelkie, this has been something I’ve been pushing for a while, but as I’m sure you can imagine, converting 3D video content into Lightfield content on the fly is a non-trivial task.

It’s definitely not off the table, but it’ll probably be a while before we can start tackling that usecase.

Maybe @john.friday has more to share.


Thank you @MatthewBurns

Thank you @Nima for the info. That is awesome to hear. The technology to do this, I kinda understand when it comes to 4v 3D but some of it goes over my head. Thank you for doing what you are doing and embracing 3D technology which I am a huge fan of.

Do you think that having access to 3D Youtube on Lightfield native display Through the LeiaPlayer or another app?


I have worked on trying to license 3rd party apps to do this, specifically for VR180. Nothing to share right now though.

It seems @john.friday doesn’t have anything to share regarding LeiaPlayer right now, but we’ll post here whenever something new is ready.


Really hope something is in the future of the Hydrogen One. It would be absolutely awesome and amazing to show people.

So something interesting I did was use Unity Remote 5 with the Leia.apk for it, and then once in unity I used the and put my desktop onto a “plane” and that gave me access to using my screen the way I’ve wanted to. There could be a way to use the accelerometer for what you are wanting, but I got what I needed for using ReShade and running games.


Hi Landon
Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately I have no experience with unity, the closest would knowledge I have is blender 2.8. What I really would like is to have the acces on the phone as if you are outside and using a vr180 camera the phone is the only thing you use to access the camera.

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