Leia Tube not loading anything

Been really having problems today with Leia Tube. First of all none of the videos that come with it will play and I just get a spinning circle. Same thing happens with I try to open a YouTube app. Earlier today I just got an invalid url message. Anyone have any ideas?

Hey @Jerrycleveland,

LeiaTube is working right now on my Lume Pad 2. Which device are you using?

It may be an issue with your network. Try a different network and see if you have the same issue.

A different network does the same thing. YouTube videos don’t play and none of the videos that come with the app play. Just getting a spinning circle

I’ll pass this along to the dev team and tell our customer service team to watch out for any more users logging this issue.

Just got my LP 2 the other day. I am on version 2110 of Leiatube. It worked a few times but now it just spins. I deleted and reinstalled but is still doesn’t work. Don’t understand why it requires WiFi if I am using a downloaded YouTube 3d video. I would say this app is unusable in its current state.

I did try the demo stuff but they don’t load. Tried different WiFi networks. Same.

LeiaTube is only for streaming video. If you downloaded the video as a MP4 use LeiaPlayer.

I don’t think you can download a file and play it with anything besides the YouTube browser or app. The Leiatube app is an exception when it works. You must have a WiFi connection as I guess the processing is most likely two or three tiered architecture. I can’t find what upload and download speeds are required. Must be more than I have.

I was able to go nextdoor and use their WiFi that has better up and download speeds. I was able to use LeiaTube. It just doesn’t work with my WiFi at home. This is the first time I had issues other than YouTube buffering for short periods every so often. That was why I suspected my WiFi.

It would be good to know what up and download speeds are required. I have no issues with Leiaflix or any other Leia apps on my WiFi.