Final Builds for RED Hydrogen One

As some of you may have noticed, due to incompatibilities with LeiaLogin’s technology, the LeiaLoft Store on RED Hydrogen One finally broke after over three years of dutiful service with the last update.

Because of that, with a heavy heart we’re now announcing that the LeiaLoft Store for RED Hydrogen One is no longer supported.

In its stead, we have decided to host all the final builds for RED Hydrogen One ourselves so that the dedicated users of Hydrogen will be able to access it in case of emergency. We’re still seeing some of our Lume Pad users using Hydrogen as a portable camera and sending pics over to Lume Pad with the LeiaLink app, so we wanted to make sure you’re still able to do so even if you have to replace or reset your Hydrogen.

Here is the link to the builds:

From today, only the Leia Appstore on Lume Pad is still fully supported for purchases and downloads. Please direct anyone with questions about “RED|LeiaLoft” or “LeiaLoft Store” on Hydrogen to this forum post or the link above.

We wanted to extend a gracious thank you to those who bought apps on the store for Hydrogen for the years of support and patronage.


Red Player install does not work.
My RH1 is still kind of bricked thanks to the Leia player… Any hints?

Have you uninstalled what’s on your device first?

Installation should work after that.

Thank You very mouch for hosting the Apps,

Will there be a new Phone with a Leia Display and eventually a 3d or or 4v Camera in the hopefully not too far Future?

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You cant delete the app, you have to reset it to the factory installation. After that the installation works.
But keeps asking for the (bad) upgrade every time i start it?

We have nothing to announce at this time :grin:

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll spend some time today to try to remotely remove that message from 2.17 versions.

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The Smiley Sounds promising, Thank You :crossed_fingers:!

I’m guessing this probably means lights out on redownloading paid apps? I’ll second the pleading for a new phone with a Leia Display :pray:

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Got rid of the message for you :slight_smile: Might take a few hours to stop pinging people though.

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Sorry @Adrix, unfortunately downloading apps using RED|LeiaLoft and LeiaLoft Store is no longer supported. Any apps that are already downloaded will work without issue, but if you delete them or reset the phone they will no longer be accessible.

If you have any specific apps that you’ve paid for and lost access to you can reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.


I understand, and thank Leia for the continued support, but as an older developer myself, frankly speaking, I think it is a pity. Probably it was worth of releasing a “frozen” Leia store, making access to the existing apps and no longer looking for updates; it was an extra effort, but this would have solved elegantly all issues started since release of Leiaplayer 3 that forced you to hide Leiaplayer, issues with new Leiapix and then the lost login. It is true that Hydrogen is a dead project, but as you mentioned for many is still the preferred access to the Leia world, one of two only possible ways (for the moment (:slight_smile: ).
One of the main issues of 3D, that Leia is trying (and I think successfully) addressing, is the need of nerd skills to get good results; this decision pushes back in time the progress in a significant fraction of the 4v world.
Some examples: before Lumepad (actually even after, to shoot photos) I convinced some friend to buy H1, and in some cases it was also my gift; and for them the natural follow up is or will be Lumepad; however if they have problems, there would be no easy solution (but me, helping them to fix it, and only for possible part, e.g. not including apps not available in Leia web link), and this is not a good start.

This is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey, can making a new LeiaLoft store APK with a new Bundle ID make it work on Red Hydrogen One phone?

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If you have any specific apps that you’ve paid for and lost access to you can reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.

This is a non-response providing zero detail, so for all intents and purposes, people who bought Gameloft games are currently screwed if their device needs a factory reset.