A Farewell to the Hydrogen One

The H1 Holochat app is maintained by a third party – should still be working but we don’t have control over that one. For Lume Pad we have some cool things cooking :slight_smile:


ooooh, colour me interested… Yes, I recall you mentioned that was third party…

Please don’t incorporate dirty old book face into it…


Hi, I just bought this phone. I should’ve researched it a little better. Is there a way to get the features you’re talking about even though you’re not providing updates anymore?

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Hi Steve, don’t worry. So far everything works perfectly on Hydrogen and Leia still helps. Even Holochat is great. Of course they will develop new features for Lume Pad, but existing apps for H1 are already almost perfect. I think the only new things is that you have to update manually Leialoft the first time following the link provided by Nima. H1 is still a great purchase in my opinion.

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I think the problem is that I bought the phone after the certificate s expired.

I recently lost my red to forgetting it on my cars roof (squish!) :frowning: Got a new one and I can’t get leia loft or the camera or anything to update (it’s 1.0.741,) it won’t even login with my google account. I can’t access the leia app store or anything. Please help? :slight_smile:

If anyone else is having this problem, I found a leia update that worked and let me update my camera software! Yay!

Same here. I can’t get into the Hydrogen 1 network either. Someone posted a site called Holochat but I can’t find it anywhere. I can live without that stuff it’s such a great phone. But I’d like to see it at least.

Hey @Steve and @Godzilla,

Sorry about the issues you’ve been having! After all, Hydrogen One is a RED product that’s no longer being supported by their company. Leia no longer supports Hydrogen with software updates either, so you should be aware that online-connected features may stop working at some point in the future and new app updates may cause unforeseen bugs or compatibility issues.

Until then, we can confirm that all the major apps still work no issue as long as you install the newest version of LeiaLoft using the instructions at the following link:

HoloChat is available in LeiaLoft on Hydrogen, but we’re working on a much better successor for Lume Pad that will NOT be intercompatible with Hydrogen, unfortunately.

Hydrogen Network has stopped being supported by RED, so you can’t acquire movies and content from it anymore unfortunately. LeiaStream for Lume Pad is in early stages right now, but long-term will be premier destination for Lightfield video content.

Welcome to the Leia ecosystem! Let me know if I can help you get settled or answer any questions.



Thanks Nima, that did it. Can’t wait to dive in.

Hey, does the Hydrogen Network still going?

Hi Steve, as Nima mentioned, it doesn’t. But you are not losing much :blush:. If you want to have a feeling of well done 3D videos you can simply look at leiastream in Leiaplayer.

Hi @Nima you say “you should be aware that online-connected features may stop working at some point in the future and new app updates may cause unforeseen bugs or compatibility issues”. That’s natural. I only hope that there anyway be an access to software as is today, I mean a repository, so that if I have to reset my H1 device for some reason in future, I can trust to have it working as now (that for me is great! With all your tools and complementary to my use of Lume pad). Of course you are not RED (fortunately for us!..I have seen they shut down even the support website at exactly one year from their selling last device, probably because of one year warranty… And this is not having great consideration of customers; e.g. in EU warranty is 2y by law) but you are the main reason why H1 is amazing :slight_smile: . I can only thanks Leia for this

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Thank you for your kind words @m.farina,

We’ll see what we can do so we don’t leave you up a creek without a paddle, as they say.

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That download link does t work ?
Download does t start.

This link doesn’t work?

You might need to tap and hold on the link and select Doenload link on the context menu. That’s what I had to do on my Al,

This does work

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Unfortunately, even with the latest version available for apk download (1.0.445), I cannot login to LeiaLoft from my Hydrogen One.

Updating to 1.0.445 by downloading and installing the apk fixed this problem before, but now it has returned.

Tried clearing cache and data for the app, no dice.

Is this “expected”? Asking so I won’t waste my time.

We have presented a new solution for users to get apps for Hydrogen.

CC: @kurkosdr