RED Hydrogen One - LeiaStream?

Hey there,

I am trying to find an app for the RH1 where I can download/stream movies or videos in H4V format like in the old Hydrogen Network app :slight_smile:

Is there anything for that use case?

Hey @GregSmack,

The RED Hydrogen One is no longer a supported platform, and RED dropped support for Hydrogen Network about two years ago.

However if you go to the newest LeiaPlayer version on RED Hydrogen One (Version 2.17), then go to the “LeiaStream” tab in the side navigation bar, you’ll see a looping stream of video content that’s meant to be a visual showcase of Lightfield content. This is still supported for the foreseeable future.

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Thank you it’s working :smiley:

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It is really great that you are still giving the builds for the Hydrogen One even though RED abandoned us. Is there an SDK that we can use to develop our own apps?

@JonnyReverb The current Leia SDK should still work with RED Hydrogen One, although we’re not actively testing the platform anymore.

Cool. How much are the new Leia tablets?

@JonnyReverb Currently, our consumer product, the Lume Pad, is sold out.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on future products.