LeiaPlayer 3.0 Update 2 Now Available

Hey everyone,

We’ve pushed an update for LeiaPlayer 3.0 live to Leia Appstore.

Lot’s of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Make sure you update when you can!


I know it seems ungrateful to ask, as you are constantly pushing out upgrades.
But does the roadmap still include VR180 support in LeiaPlayer 3.1 ?
If yes, is there a target date for that version to be rolled out?

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No worries at all @MarkJeffcock, thanks for being patient with us.

LeiaPlayer 3.1 is coming soon but will not have the VR player built in.

We’re still planning on releasing the VR player soon, before the end of the year, most likely in 3.2.


Is there a chance to get it on Hydrogen?

Hey @Denkmusic,

RED dropped support for RED Hydrogen about two years ago, and we dropped support for it officially about one year ago.

The final compatible version for RED Hydrogen is LeiaPlayer version 2.17.

But if someone were to extract the app from Lume Pad and put it on Hydrogen, it may or may not work to some extent. We know the original Version 3.0 Update 1 had major incompatibilities with many files not loading on Hydrogen One.

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Will LeiaTube also support VR180?