LeiaPlayer Version 2.16 Now Available

Hey Lume Pad community!

I’m excited to announce that LeiaPlayer 2.16 is now available!

There are LOTS of improvements and features you’ve been asking for. Without further ado, here’s what we’ve added with this update:

  • Support for MPO and JPS files
  • Automatic detection of SBS and Quad images
  • Manual 3D tagging options
  • Increased compatibility for 2D to 3D conversion using depth maps
  • Improved visual accuracy for ST view
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Great! Is the LeiaPlayer app updated via the higher level system update, or does Liz Player have its own update process…which I don’t see. I’m at 2.14 and not seeing how to update it. Thank you!

Silly question but will this work on hydrogen one ?

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@Gtaylor441 You must update via the LeiaLoft Appstore. If you’re not seeing the update, make sure your Lume Pad is fully updated, close your apps, and if needed restart the device.

@Flyingfool This update is available on Hydrogen as well (though technically Hydrogen is no longer officially supported, so we make no guarantees about stability or feature compatibility).


Thanks, got it. Routine learning curve.

Sure enough works on hydrogen one . Great work thanks . Strange I expected to see update request but it seems to update automatically. Huge improvement over having to rename files .

When can an update for 180 3D with support of the Lumepad’s gyro sensor be expected?

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@Romius We don’t have any hard dates available yet but it’s still under development and still on the roadmap.

Though I can’t promise a timeline, the current plan is to release LeiaPlayer 3.0 next (with new UI and other new features) and then release the VR180/360 support in the following update, LeiaPlayer 3.1.


After update I can’t change any files on SD card from LeiaPlayer. Would you advise, what could be the problem?

Hey @Denkmusic,

Not sure what the issue is since Lume Pad doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot and Hydrogen is no longer supported so we don’t test with it. Thanks for flagging that for us though, we’ll take a look if we get the chance.

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Sorry, I didn’t mention it’s on Hydrogen.
Thank you for your reply. Sad to hear about stopping support of Hydrogen, of course I understand that it’s a Red product, therefore you’re not obligated to provide support.
It would be very nice of you if you’ll have a chance to look at it.

Can I also ask if Leia player can play top/bottom stereoscopic videos?

Hey @Denkmusic,

Thanks for being a fan and understanding our predicament. We supported Hydrogen for as long as we could, over two years in fact (and as you can tell, we still do allow it to receive some app updates to this day) but after RED stopped supporting OS updates after about a year in, it became very difficult for us to continue adding features as the Leia ecosystem is tightly coupled between the display, firmware, OS, and software. On Lume Pad this isn’t a problem because we control the end-to-end experience including the firmware and OS, so we will continue to support it much longer than the Hydrogen’s life cycle, even as new Leia products release.

LeiaPlayer has in the past supported an undocumented feature to play back Top-Bottom stereo videos, but there have been times that we’ve temporarily dropped this support due to compatibility issues (and because our data shows it’s a very unpopular format even when we do have compatibility). I believe right now is one of those times it is incompatible in the current version, though you can try for yourself by appending _1x2.jpg or _1x2.mp4 to the end of your files.

However, Top-Bottom support is a hard requirement for supporting 360 video (as almost all 360 video that’s 3D is in Top-Bottom format) so by version 3.1 when we add VR180/360 support we will surely re-add compatibility for Top-Bottom format, at that point as a permanent feature in LeiaPlayer.


Had the Same Behaviour in my Hydrogen, do You think it would be possible to add the Possibility to Change the Save-Location after editing in the next Release to a custom Folder? My Guess ist that that’s the Problem on the Hydrogen because it searches for the Location in the SD which can’t be found.

Edit: I can confirm that it works perfectly for all the Pictures that are stored in the internal memory.

Correct: in my H1 it always happened: cannot move, or save any file by Leiaplayer which is on SD. “Save” in fact is available, but any attempt to save produced a crash of the app. Anyway, it is not a big issue: typically I move the picture that I want to edit to the internal memory by another external app, and then use Leiaplayer.
The new features are amazing so now I have copied all my old MPO files (tons of images from 2014 to date) into the H1 SD cards and I can have pictures always with me and watch them… Really thanks! One thing that I have noted (at least on H1, not yet tested in my Lume Pad) is that if I scroll from one MPO to another while watching in 3D, there is always a “transient”, some adjustment time where the image appears different; this happens both in ST and 4V. Actually this phenomenon happens probably even in native 2x1 images, but the transient is generally so fast that you one hardly note it; on the other hand in MPO, switching among images can be less pleasant. Anyway really a minor problem (when an app is so great you can only note the minor problems :wink: ).

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Wait, so the next Leia player sill play VR180??! At what date? And will it work with the H1??

Hey @shikaka ,

VR180 playback is on the roadmap for the version after the next version of LeiaPlayer.

Lume Pad users can playback VR180 video streams using LeiaTube.

RED has dropped support for Hydrogen One so it is no longer a supported platform.