LeiaPlayer 3.3 Update 3 is now available

Hey everyone, we just released a minor patch version for LeiaPlayer 3.3 that fixes a couple of bugs with our connected services and ensures forwards-compatibility, namely with LeiaLogin and Lume Link.

LeiaPlayer 3.3 Update 3 Release Notes:

  • Instant 2D to 3D Video Conversion
  • Automatic 3D Video Detection
  • Double-tap content to fill screen
  • LeiaLogin update
  • Lume Link bug fix

If you want to see more about the main features of LeiaPlayer 3.3, you can view this thread.

This version is available on the Leia Appstore now. We’re working on a lot of great stuff and will have much more to share later in 2022 :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m the only one but I really would like an option to see everything in lightfield mode, not stereo, and this regardless of the file format. The same in LeiaPix, please. I’m getting quite annoyed with all the jumping pics that pop up in ST mode while browsing HoloPix.

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Hey @alexzeder, we’re planning on giving users more options with the upcoming LeiaPlayer version.


You’ll find me excited then :slight_smile:

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Hi, Does the new update have 180 sbs detection and view option

Hey @balajis17, VR180/360 support is still planned for the next full version of LeiaPlayer. This was just a patch version we had to release due to backend server changes and to resolve a few outstanding bugs.


Here’s a question that’s really important to me I love the way it’s working on my tablet right now and I don’t see any problems so if I upgrade will I be able to roll it back if I don’t like the new version?

@WOWITS3D In general, software updates are a one-way process. However, if you really don’t like the updated version, then we may be able to offer you an older version at our discretion.

Please message me if you find something about the newer versions you don’t like. We’re happy to incorporate more options into future versions.

Thank you for that quick reply! I’ve been through many updates over the decades that I’ve worked with computers and an old programmer I once met told me a very wise bit of advice. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I can remember programs that I used to have way back in Windows 95 that worked and did things that I can no longer do under the modern Windows 11 operating system. I remember hardware that used to do amazing things that modern video cards can no longer do. What a joy to have the Lume pad it does things that the old things could not do! So there you have it The good the bad the ugly. I guess I’ll try it as I can as a last resort if I upgrade and don’t like it, I could always reset it back to factory defaults.

The feature I love with the version I have right now is that it blocks all the ads on YouTube without having to pay the greedy corporate advertisers $15 a month to block them. I hope the new version continues to block the ads!

Is the depth slider planned for the next version? I get a lot of warping/ghosting on 2d to 3d video conversion as I have mentioned before. LeiaTube is so much better because of this one feature making LeiaPlayer subpar.

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Yes :+1:t4: