LeiaPlayer 3.3 Now Available

Hello Lume Pad community! I’m excited to announce, on behalf of the whole LeiaPlayer team, that LeiaPlayer 3.3 is NOW AVAILABLE!

This version is absolutely amazing, and I hope you all love it.

LeiaPlayer 3.3 has the following features:

  • Instant 2D to 3D Video Conversion: Navigate to a 2D video, tap the Lightfield view icon, and voila! It’s now playing back in 3D!
  • Automatic 3D Video Detection: SBS and Quad videos are now detected automatically just like photos, without needing to change the filename or do 3D tagging.
  • Double-tap content to fill screen: Self-explanatory, but this is a HUGE quality of life feature in my opinion. Now your off-ratio photos and videos can fill the 16:10 Lume Pad screen with a double tap.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: As always, we made everything a little better. Yes, including making it much easier to scrub video timelines without accidentally swiping to a new video :slight_smile:

Give it a shot and let us know what you think! We’re very excited to finally have LeiaPlayer 3.3 in users hands.


After loading 3.3, my ST mpo images are flagged as LIF and I have to manually select ST every time I wish to view one. How can I select ST as default viewing method?

I’ve been having a problem with LeiaPlayer stopping spontaneously. This seems to be when there is no internet connection available (but I haven’t really been able to analyse this, because it doesn’t seem to happen when I’m just not logged in to a WiFi signal). This behaviour has meant that I cannot use my Lume Pad when I go to see friends in e.g. a pub…

Has this been addressed in the new LeiaPlayer 3.3 or am I the only one seeing this bevaviour? (It is distinctly possible that this is all down to “operator error”, of course! :slight_smile:

Files are not converted to LIF unless you edit them. What does happen though is that files will default to Lightfield view mode when you open them.

We will have an option in the next version to add a Stereo Flag to LIF files, which will make them appear in Stereo view mode by default in all apps.


This is not a bug we are aware of. Please try to see if it occurs in LeiaPlayer 3.3, and if so, please reach out to help@leiainc.com.

Just tried to edit a square picture after converting it from 2D, and it switched the pad to portrait mode while editing. Doesn’t happen with pictures that are landscape mode wide but it can be a bit confusing. The 3D conversion itself is definitely much better than in the previous LeiaPlayer!

That’s very interesting, thanks for flagging. I’ll have our QA team look into it.

Why did you do this??? Who asked for it??? You have completely ruined the usefulness of LeiaPlayer! I know you want everyone to use your patented 4V mode, but it totally ruins my stereo pairs with its extra interpolated views. The result is a fuzzy mess with very little depth, instead of a crisp stereo image. It even ruins the photos I’ve taken with LeiaCam! How is this an improvement??? Two or three versions ago, LeiaPlayer was useful. Now it’s a piece of crap. How many more months are we going to have to wait for you to add a simple option to keep ST mode on, like it used to be? Who is running your software development process? It’s a failure and totally out of control. You should be ashamed of it. I used to have some faith in your company, but it is becoming harder and harder to recommend your product!

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I think by default LeiaPlayer should open 3D as ST and 4V as lightfield, but I think your comment is too exaggerated, they’re constantly working hard on new features, no other company about 3D is doing so much work for their released devices. I also have this and other complaints about their compatibility with existing 3D content, but they are making changes to better from time to time. If you want a pure stereoscopic 3D tablet, you should look the King tablet.


So that there is a consistent behavior for all files. All 3D files open in Lightfield view mode, all 2D files open in 2D view mode.

We had multiple users reach out and ask why sometimes their files were in Lightfield view mode and other times they Stereo view mode, not realizing that they set the files themselves. You can simply jump back to ST view by pressing the button when you want to see files in Stereo view mode.

I’m the one who runs the decisions made for LeiaPlayer. We are developing each version towards a larger goal. Sometimes we need to make architectural changes to lead to this goal. For example, the app was storing view mode states in its cache, so when you delete and reinstall the app, or clear it’s storage and cache, those states would be lost and you’d have to manually go and switch them all again. With this new method, this state is persistent regardless of the Player’s state, and you can even send files to people on other devices or apps and it will be in Stereo view by default.

@David_in_VA would you like to return to version 3.2? That seems like it will solve your problem.


No, that version had the top/bottom banner bug (which I reported to you in December, and I appreciate you fixing it). What I want is to be able to hand my Lume Pad to someone and let them swipe through my stereo photos without them (or me) having to do anything to reset the mode to ST on each photo. This is the way LeiaPlayer used to work, and I think it was easier for “the masses”.

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In general, our data shows that most users don’t have any (or many) SBS or MPO files. So this issue only affects 3D enthusiasts. The change was made to be easier for the masses who are often confused about the difference between Lightfield and Stereo mode. Often when I show people and they switch between them, they can’t tell any difference, they just mention that they “can’t move as much” when in ST mode. Of course, this is dependent on content.

For full context, there was also another critical bug that was caused by having the view state saved per-content with the addition of the 2D to 3D video conversion. That would have taken much longer for us to fix, so we decided to make this change one version early so we could get this out to users faster and move on to the next one as I know everyone has been waiting for this release for quite some time. In fact, part of the reason we pushed hard to get it out faster was because you had pushed for it.

Your feedback has been heard, and a solution will come, but if you want to set your files into ST view mode, your two options are to revert to 3.2, or wait for 3.4.

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Okay, I understand. It’s your product and you can listen to whomever you choose. But don’t any of “the masses” use the LeiaCam? Don’t you want them to use it? All of my LeiaCam photos look better in ST mode. The interpolation reduces the depth and gives a fuzzy look to the images.

LeiaCam shoots in LIF format, but I can understand that when you shoot high disparity close-ups, it will look better in ST view mode. It’s currently optimized for taking mid-range shots of people, pets, etc. which should generally always look better or the same with a wider viewing angle in Lightfield view mode.

Either way, LIF photos will be able to be set to show in ST by default starting with the next version of LeiaPlayer. But your feedback has been heard, and I’m going to spend some time on exploring a solution that doesn’t require us pulling engineers off their other critical projects for too long.


@Nima ,Thank You for this Great Release!
Love the new Video Conversion and that you keep improving the Software Suite.

@David_in_VA , that was rude and Not very polite, If you want a feature then ask for it, I am pretty sure if it is beneficial for a lot of users then the Leia Team will try to implement it, just be nice, rudeness doesn’t get you very far with anything, we are all just human after all.

As a Support-Agent in Software I know how things are handled usually and it is always good to have some opinions to be able to further improve a Software.

@Nima do you think it would be possible to set the Default Viewing mode in the Settings or is this hard to do programming-wise?

@David_in_VA would that be an Option?


Long-term we want to have a variety of options. Short-term we have to make trade-offs. Right now, re-enabling the prior behavior will cause a large bug that will take a long time to resolve. Building a new feature like what you propose by having it as an option in Settings will also take a long time. I think me and my team can come up with something that will be quick and will ensure we’re all happy at least until the version 3.4 comes out.


Thank you, @Nima . I look forward to the next release of LeiaPlayer.

No hurry, take your time,
I already love it as it is right now,
4V is Superior to traditional stereo anyways.

Thank you for all your efforts and have a great Weekend! :wink:

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I guess I fall under the category of 3D enthusiast, but the change does negate the principal reason I use the pad, which is a digital repository of my grandparents’ stereoscopic photography.

It’s probably too soon to inquire about a roadmap/timeline for 3.4, but if you have any info to share I’d appreciate it. If I wanted to roll back to the previous version, how would I go about doing so?

If you’d like to roll back to 3.2 just DM me and we’ll see what we can do.