Make Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D Feature Requests Here

I created this thread for members of the community to list features that would be nice to have added to Leia Apps over time. Add features that you would like to see!

The first top priority requests I have are:

  1. Leia Pix- Adding friends to directly share photos and photo albums with. Currently there is no quick and seamless way to share videos with friends, family, colleagues or anyone else. With new users and community members purchasing devices worldwide, I think this feature is a critical one

  2. Leia Player- The ability to bookmark favorites and sort into named albums. Once you have over 50 photos taken, it quickly becomes very difficult to navigate between photos and videos stored in Leia Player. This is a fundamental feature that will drastically improve the user experience and decrease stress of use

The tablets are amazing and I can’t wait to see more and more added to make the overall experience catch up to the power and beauty of the display itself

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Hey @Josh_G, thanks for the feedback! Couple of questions:

  1. For LeiaPix, is there a reason you’d want DMs built-in to the LeiaPix app to share photos directly? You can simply share the link to the LeiaPix post through any service including text message, email, Slack, Discord, Twitter, etc. and if the other person clicks the link on their Lume Pad, it will automatically open in LeiaPix. The reason we did it this way is so that there’s a singular way to share LeiaPix posts with others whether or not they have a Lume Pad.

  2. Is there any reason why making, naming, and organizing folders in LeiaPlayer doesn’t do what you want? You can name a folder anything you want and move whichever images and videos you want into it.

Thanks for responding so quickly!

  1. For example, there are a lot of family photos that I would want to share with my family or friends, but wouldn’t really want to put out in LeiaPix for the whole world to see. The sharing feature is nice, but those photos can still be viewed by anyone from what I understand. Also, having a shared album feature would be many times more convenient than repeatedly sharing individual links. Adding a feature to create albums that photos can be uploaded directly to, that can be set to private and shared with specific followers/friends on the app is one way to solve this issue and I think a lot of people would appreciate having this feature

  2. There are a couple reasons. Creating folders within the internal storage to store files from leia player doesn’t feel like an in app experience, it feels like working with your desktop, and I think its important to separate those two things. It will make everything feel more seamless and contained, making the overall experience of working with the beautiful photos and media that can be taken and saved on the tablet more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. My first instinct was to look for a way to create and album within the app, or bookmark/favorite like in Leia Pix, and I think people are so used to using apps that function that way it feels less comfortable when you find that those features aren’t available.

Putting that aside, it is possible to create a new folder in the file browser, but I don’t see any easy way to move the files there while browsing the media or camera roll. The flow would be, identify the media file you want to put in the folder, open up the DCIM camera folder or media folder in internal storage, re-locate that same folder, select it and move it to the new folder. The biggest issue here outside of the process being too long is that you can’t view the photos in 3D again to double check it is the correct one. A lot of times there may be media files or photos that look similar, but there is one that is clearly better than the others. Without being able to view it in 3D right before moving it , it results in having to go back and double check, or worry about the file name from the beginning. There are a lot of reasons why I think it is important to have this feature added.

One seemingly easy fix would be to make tabs that can be added below LeiaLink and add an option to select and relocate single or multiple media files to that tab (it would be even better if the sequence of the left hand tabs can be adjusted. 90% of the time I enter LeiaPlayer for the camera photos, but the default is the media folder).

The camera on the Nubia Pad 3D and Lume Pad 2 is absolutely incredible, but It would make enjoying and sharing photos and media feel a lot more comfortable and intuitive for any user if these changes were implemented to the app.

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The other main feature update I would personally love to see is adding rear camera support to Leia Chat. Just like smart phone video calls allow the use of the front and rear camera, which is very useful when you want to show something directly and have better control over what you are showing.


Thanks for your feedback Josh, it has been heard.


I would like a way to turn the 3d on for other non Leia apps. Like watching YouTube. Or sbs videos on my network…or other 3d games like the used to have on the Evo 3d.

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Well, we already support YouTube through LeiaTube, and we’ve had developers like @jakedowns create apps that let you stream 3D files from your networked file server.

But due to the way the Lume Pad 2 display is structured, there’s no way to just enable 3D for arbitrary apps. Apps have to integrate the Leia SDK to enable 3D.

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So like my 3DTV there’s no way to just enable it for the whole screen then choose the router of format you are trying to view?

No, unfortunately. The structure of older 3D devices was very simple, the structure of the Lume Pad 2 display is very complex. Because of that, simple 2-view interlacing alone would not work with the display.

I saw a request posted by another user for LeiaPlayer about updating the app to remember the preferred file sorting order (ascending, by date etc.). In general as a request it would be nice to see a small update making LeiaPlayer perform this way. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with it is that I am navigating among 1000+ photos and open one up in full screen to confirm it is the one I want to view/share, but the moment you go back to view all files, it brings you all the way back up to the top. It takes time to navigate back to the specific set of photos you want to choose from or view. An update that keeps remembers your last file browsing position would make a huge difference. No rush, but I think this will be noticeable to any user that captures a lot of photos/videos with built in cameras or uses the media player to view downloaded files frequently.


It would be cool if you could do batch operations. For example, let’s say I copy 100 2D images from my computer. I would like to batch convert the whole folder (all 100 images) to 3D with one button. Additionally, it would be nice to archive the 2D images (or even delete them after the conversion). Because right now you have to do each photo one by one, and then the 2D and 3D photos are all mixed up in the same folder. It’s a little confusing.


I would love for the Google Maps app or a similar one to have 3D support


In LeiaPix Newest is missing, can it be returned


Missing picture editing tools in Leiaplayer, please return them, along with tap to expand and pinch to zoom.
It has been asked for on other posts, MPO support

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Leia player SD card support.

Use it as a 3D monitor for Windows, Wired/Wireless, with USB C, Casting, or a App.


Convert/Save 3D recorded video to SBS video for usage in other devices.

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I would love to see a users guide for each of rhe Leia 3D Apps. I’m sure I’m not using them in the most effective manner.

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(Forgive me if i missed it) For LeiaPlayer, it would be great if you could choose subtitles and language options similar to VLC.

I use a program called SVP 4 pro to convert some 3D movies to 60fps.
When I have the new file, i tried to play it in leia player but the file itself always defaults to another language outside of English & I cant change it. VLC lets me choose the audio & subtitle track.

Right now i have to basically guess which is the correct track before converting which is time consuming.

It would be even easier if SVP had a Lumepad 2 version so I wouldn’t have to convert every movie. The app lets you view any video with high framerates as the clip plays.

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@Nima I also recently noticed that this seems to be the case. I was wondering if there is a reason SBS format can’t be designated when sharing videos? Is there a location on the device that stores SBS versions of the videos taken with the built in cameras? If not, how can videos taken with the tablet cameras be converted to SBS?

Hello everyone i would like to make a request, is it possible in a future firmware update to have the lumepad2 have settings for a gamer mode with higher speeds and more control over the processor like a low, med, high type of setting i know it will drain battery but the option would be welcomed. I did put the tablet on performance but i really dont see a difference on emulation.

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