Make Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D Feature Requests Here

I saw you were doing moonlight streaming on twitter, can you please share that!? its amazing for so many things that run in SBS on pc and could be streamed with moonlight. Thanks!

We haven’t built-in the conversion feature yet.

No, videos are captured and stored in Leia Video Format.

You can do it on a PC using FFMPEG.

Learn more here: Convert from LVF to SBS

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This isn’t really possible, the device is already optimized to provide maximum performance in situations where the 3D is enabled. We tuned it extensively to ensure this. Higher power wouldn’t just drain the battery, it would risk damaging the Lume Pad 2’s hardware.

Release coming in the next few weeks. FYI it requires Half-Width SBS games and software on PC, so feel free to set that up in your games and apps ahead of time. I recommend apps like Dolphin, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Rise of the Tomb Raider with built-in stereoscopic 3D support, and using SuperDepth3D to mod the feature into other existing games.


Hey fantastic! cannot wait, yes I’m ready. I’ve had allot of fun with SBS emulation and games on my 3D projector and other apps using SuperDepth3D. Even my Virtual Pinball hardware machine uses it for tridef anaglyph glasses mode in VPX tables. Ah Yes Tomb Raider, I actually work at Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider now, I’m a Sr. Artist/lighting team. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply!
I wanted to also ask, does the Sd 888 throttle when things get to intense on the cpu/ gpu?
Also since there is no active Fan cooling in the tablet, will getting one of those units that cool phones help in keeping the tablet from slowing down the processor and improve performance? Im asking about this for improvement in emulators.

If i reading this correct you are saying that with moonlight i will be able to use the lume pad as a 3d screen? And that my PC will do all the work in processing emulators like citra for better performance? And also stream my sbs videos.If so that will be awesome

No, it’s designed not to do this during normal use. It might if you’re using the device in hot weather though.

No, it probably won’t make a difference. The issue isn’t the chipset’s performance, it’s the emulator’s performance.

Yes. Moonlight 3D enables your Lume Pad 2 to be a wireless monitor for your PC.

It’ll all work as long as you have a good Wi-Fi network and the content is in Half-Width SBS.


Ty for your response.
I forgot to ask will there be a compatible moonlight 3d app for previous lumepad?
Also is the Sd 888 standard or Sd 888+ ?

No, but Moonlight is open source. Anyone could have built this app pretty easily since the day the original Lume Pad launched. If there’s demand, I’m sure someone in the Leia creator community will build it for previous devices.

As listed in the Lume Pad 2 Settings App “About tablet” section: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Octa-core Max 2.84Ghz.

I tried looking up the info on The Sd 888 octo and did not find anything on it, so its probably just a standard soc, i think the plus might be clocked higher, just curious why they didnt go with the gen 1 or gen 2 being that the lumpad is priced high and others in its price range have higher SD ver, display being the only feature not included in those other tablets. But i guess it gets the job done. Im looking foward to updates that come down the line and hopefully more native games that use the display to the fullest.

I seriously can’t wait for the Moonlight 3d to arrive.
I’m also interested if we can use VorpX injector to play compatible games in 3d? VorpX was made for VR, but they recently added 3d screen SBS option for use on 3d TVs. I guess this should work on Lume Pad 2/Nubia Pad 3D as well then, right?

If it renders to the PC’s primary display as Half-Width SBS, then yes.

This wonderful device definitely needs holographic
ChatGPT companions like they have with the Looking Glass 3D display. Looking Glass Liteforms | Conversational holographic AI characters

Feel free to build one, SDKs are already available!

Seriously, this needs to be the “official” 10th app in your Leia 3D app ecosystem! We can’t call it LeiaChat, so it will have to be LeiaGPT or LeiaFriends or somesuch. It will be a big selling-point for the device since it cleverly incorporates the one popular area that your “AI” device has not yet addressed. Your display is so much better than the Looking Glass that it will look absolutely magical!

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I have alot of Live Wallpaper apps on the tablet that simulate 3D objects/actions, but it seems necessary for you to create some innovative live wallpapers that actually activate the 3D display.

Any news on the moonlight 3d app?

Should be releasing this week!


:scream::grin: looking foward to this, its going to be a game changer!

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