Convert from LVF to SBS

LVF (Leia Video Format) is an MP4 container that contains two video streams: video stream “abl” is the left eye, while “abr” is the right eye. The reason we created this format is that it’s 3D on Leia devices but fully backwards compatible in 2D on all other devices with no modification needed. We have a lot of plans for it in the future, including adding depth map tracks and convergence value tracks as well.

We also plan on releasing consumer tools for converting LVF to SBS, most likely in LeiaPlayer so the conversion to SBS mirrors how it works for images from LIF to SBS.

But I think it makes sense to provide you solutions for converting from LVF to SBS or to split an LVF into a left and right video today so you don’t have to wait for us if you’re itching to export from Lume Pad 2 to a 3D TV or VR headset ASAP, or simply if you want to edit the 3D video in an NLE (video editing program).

These scripts are for FFMPEG. The scripts attached to this post assume you have FFMPEG installed on your computer. The instructions below are for MacOS in zsh (ZShell), but shouldn’t be materially different in other terminals or on Windows or Linux.

The example command for MacOS is as follows:

sudo sh /filepathOfScript/ /filepathOfLeiaCamVideo/nameOfVideo.mp4

Sudo isn’t required but is probably a good idea. You may need to add the script to your PATH variable if you have any issues. You should also be in the directory you want the constructed file to end up in. To make it easy, you should probably have the script and original LVF in the same folder as you want the output files to be. The instructions for lvf2sbs and lvf2lr are the same, with the only difference being one gives you a constructed SBS, the other gives you the left video, right video, and audio all as separate files.

With that, you’re off to the races! Let us know how it goes for you.

LVF to SBS Script

LVF to LR Script

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