LumePad2 movies to SD card

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Hope there is a simple solution to merely transferring LumePad2 3d movie footage to the SD card that is then recognized by Windows 10. Most ideal (for me) would be transferring separate L/R images to the SD. If not possible then SBS is ok. As it is now - I can only transfer a 2d view to the SD card (what’s with that?). Hope there is a very simple procedure for this - some responses can be so technical.

You’re actually transferring the full 3D video, it’s just in the Leia Video Format, which is designed to be backwards compatible with all devices.

You must convert from LVF to SBS on a PC using the below instructions:

Thank you Nima for explaining these particular details. From what I gather - the Lume clips now transferred to my windows 10 possess the separate L/R views required with no further action from Lume. Any suggestions as to what may now be a next computer step to complete my SBS request (will be greatly appreciated). Separate L & R views would be my first choice (tho’ VEGAS editor can work with either SBS or separate L/R).

Both options explained in detail in the link in the above comment.