Using LVF videos outside the Lume Pad 2

I can’t seem to find any information on it, but how would 2D videos recorded with the new device be used elsewhere? Is there an app on the Lume Pad 2 that enables saving as SBS or is there a Windows software that can read both views from the MP4 files? To be clear, i know stills can be saved as such, but im specifically wondering about video, thanks.

Hey @Jonathan_Sabin,

We know this is obviously know multi-device compatibility with LVF is important so we’re working on it. For now, you can look into the MP4 file and you’ll find both video files each in a separate track. Apps like Handbrake will help you separate them out.

In the future, we’ll most likely be releasing both a tool in LeiaPlayer to convert from LVF to SBS, as well as either a standalone conversion tool for web or desktop, or we may simply open source the code for decoding and converting LVF. We’ll be listening to feedback from users like you to make the best decision for our platform.


Thanks, is there an alternate method for extracting stereo pairs from stills, because the current SBS images are noticeably lower resolution though on paper they’re the same?

SBS vs original

@Jonathan_Sabin Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Though the output resolution is correct, it DOES seem like there’s serious image clarity loss in the SBS Export. My team is on it.

Until then, I recommend opening the LIF in an app like and you’ll see each of the independent views in full-res in the app.

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